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Diversity Peer Training

Welcome to the Diversity Peer Training Program!

The Diversity Peer Training Program is a process of creating an environment of respect and tolerance at Washington-Lee's diverse school culture. Under the guidance of Marsha Dale, Diversity Training Coordinator, Diversity Peer Trainers take on the personal responsibility of becoming catalysts towards creating a more positive, accepting, respectful and tolerant school climate for diversity of all kinds. These students are empowered to become activists against bigotry and trained to facilitate discussions about prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping. They conduct interactive workshops that deal with these diversity issues for their fellow students. When peers transmit this message to their fellow students, it is powerful.

Over 2000 students at W-L and at other middle schools in Arlington have participated in Diversity Peer Training Workshops.


The success of the workshops is reflected in a sampling of participant comments from the workshops:

· The workshop gives us a chance to talk about important issues that never get talked about otherwise and to hear and learn to respect a lot of different opinions.

· I think we should do this more often so we can prevent problems at school.

· I got to meet people I would never talk to. Now I realize there are many people in school that I'm interested in getting to know and will try to reach out more.

· I will try not to judge so easily and to be more open to a range of opinions.

· I've learned to be more careful about the words I use or call people just based on my outside impressions of them. People's feelings can get really hurt.

· I've learned that even though we're very diverse we all have something in common.

· The students that directed the workshop did an excellent job because they acted very mature. They had our attention and were concerned about how we felt and our opinions.

· I don't think one can abandon all prejudices but this workshop at least made me think.

· I am really glad that there are Diversity Training Workshops in this school. Everybody should have this experience before they graduate.


In this class, students have the opportunity to explore in greater depth issues of self-identity, prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping and how to combat them. Students in this class also practice and prepare DPT workshops for their peers at W-L.

For more information about this program or to request a Diversity Peer Training workshop for your students, please contact

Marsha Dale,
Diversity Training Coordinator
Washington-Lee High School

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