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Thursday, May 05, 2016

Model UN


 Washington-Lee Model UN

Model United Nations meets every Thursday in Room 2228

Secretary General: Allie Webster
Under-Secretary General: Chabeli Wells
Sponsor:  Keith Klein     keith.klein@apsva.us 
      Treasurer:  Mark Feinberg
      Secretary/Communications Officer: Lauren Washington
      Web-Master: Omar Aly 
      Next Meeting:  Thursday, May 5
                                 On the Agenda:   1) Election of next year's officers
                                                              2) End-of-year party 
Conferences attended 2015-16
GMHSMUN XXVI at George Mason High School, October 24
VAMUN XXXV at University of Virginia, November 13-15
TAEMUN III at Thomas Edison High School, December 4-5 
CHMUN XI at Chantilly High School, January 8-9, 2016
CENMUN V at Centreville High School, February 19-20 
VIMUNC III sponsored by Langley High School, March 11-12 
TECHMUN 2016 sponsored by Thomas Jefferson High School, April 15-16 
Conferences attended 2014-15
WMHSMUN XXVII at the College of William and Mary, November 14-16
PWMUN XXXI at C.D. Hylton H.S. (Woodbridge), December 5-6 
GFMUNC X at Gar-Field High School, January 16-17  
SFSMUN VIII at Sidwell Friends School, February 28 
NHSMUN in New York City, March 4-7, 2015  
TECHMUN 2015 -- Thomas Jefferson HSST's conference at JEB Stuart High School, April 10-11, 2015  
WASHMUN VI, April 25, 2105 
Conferences attended 2013-14
GMHS MUNC XXV at George Mason High School, October 25-26
WMHSMUN XXVI at the College of William and Mary, November 22-24
PWMUN XXX at C. D. Hylton High School, December 6-7
SFS-MUN VII at Sidwell Friends School, January 25
NHSMUN in New York City, March 5-8 
VIMUNC 2014 at Langley High School, March 21-22
TECHMUN 2014 -- Thomas Jefferson HSST's Model UN Conference at Marshall High School, April 25-26
Click here to go to W-L MUN Club's Website.  


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