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Everything SOL



(See details below chart) 



September 11th – 20th

1.    Testing Seniors who still need credits

2.    Summer Retakes

September 16th – 20th

1.    Seniors second Writing attempt

October 21 – 24th

Make ups -Nov 6th/7th  

1.    AP/IB ENG Writing SOL

2.    Seniors who still need Writing Credit

January 13th – 17th

1.    Seniors’ Writing SOL 2nd attempt 

January 22nd – 30th

1.    Seniors/transfer students needing credits for a previously completed course.

2.    Retakes from September 

January 31st – March 3rd

1.    WIDA test

March 10th – March 20th

1.    English 11 Writing SOL

April 21 – May 9th 

1.    Seniors SOLs 2013 -2014 courses

May 12th – June 5th 

1.    All Students’ SOLs


Click here for a copy of the SOL schedule that students can personalize. 
SOL Retests and Expedited Retakes - September 2013
  • Students who tested in Summer school, scored of 350-399, and have only taken the test once are eligible for Retakes in this session. 
  • Testing window:  September 11-September 20
  • Lab B
NOTE:  Students who still need verified credits on any SOLs that they have taken in previous sessions can re-test in January 2014. Remember, student must have passed the course in order to take a retest. Please contact Ms. Wardere to sign up.
SOL Writing test - October 2013
  • Any seniors who still need the Writing SOL. 
  • Students in AP and IB English 11.
SOL Re-takes - January 2014
  • Students who have passed the course but never passed the SOL
  • Students must sign up with Ms. Wardere.  They will not be automatically registered.
  • January 13-17 - Writing 2nd attempt
  • January 22-30
SOL Term Grad testing - April 2014
  • Any senior who is currently taking an SOL class.
  • Testing window - April 21-May 9
End of Course SOL -- May/June 2014
SOLs are scheduled for:
  • Testing will begin the week of May 12, 2014.
  • Schedule to follow
Student Schedule -  will be posted in May 2014. 
Summer Retests:
Students who are interested in taking SOL re-takes over the summer must be signed up for a summer school course.  Click here to see the summer school offerings
Last Modified on May 6, 2014