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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Senior Experience

Keep watching the postings on the IB Office window for your Senior Experience approval.
Senior Experience Coordinator
Sandy Munnell
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Senior Experience Administrator
Chad DeMagistris
Senior Experience Administrative Assistant
Diana Valasquez
What is the Senior Experience?
The Senior Experience program is a four-week program offered during the final month of the academic year prior to graduation.  The Senior Experience aims to facilitate the transition from high school to the "real-world" by fostering work, internship, or volunteer opportunities.  Seniors are offered the opportunity to embark on an exciting and unique learning experience that will provide an opportunity to examine the world from another viewpoint. Seniors may expand their interests and abilities in a professional setting, working with mentors who have chosen to share their knowledge, experience, and talents with W-L seniors. The program allows seniors to:
   - explore the relative roles of theory and practice as each relates to a work environment
   - relate academics to the work world via career experiences and community service
   - gain real life experience to enhance interpersonal and workplace skills
   - work with professionals in a variety of workplaces
   - give back to the APS and W-L community
  • Open to all Washington-Lee seniors
  • Must have a GPA of at least 2.0
  • Must complete ONLINE application
  • No disciplinary or attendance problems
  • Faculty or administrator approval
  • Maintain an average of 25 hours per week, and a minimum of 100 total hours during the experience
  • Maintain a daily time sheet and submit a 1-page reflection on June 21
  • Obtain mentor signature on time sheets verifying hours due with time sheet on June 21
  • Make arrangements with their supervisor to be excused from work to attend required school programs: June 14 Graduation Practice, Senior Picnic, and Farewell assemblies
For further information on this program, please email wlseniorexperience@gmail.com or call 703-228-6234. We look forward to working with you this spring!

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