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African Drum

 African Drumming (A.W.A.R.E.)


The Abingdon West African Rhythm Ensemble is an extra-curricular music class instructed & directed by teacher David McDavitt. A.W.A.R.E. studies the musical performance & cultural significance of traditional ensemble drum-voice-dance music from West Africa as well as related styles from Haiti, Brazil, & Japan. The club is comprised of a dedicated team of talented 3rd, 4th, and 5th -graders. We meet WEDNESDAYS after school.

Musical styles that we study include:
GHANA: Kpanlogo [Ga], Atsia-Agbekor [Ewe], Adowa [ Ashanti], Sichyi [ Ashanti]; GUINEA: Limbadji Toko [Limbadji]; SENEGAL: Soma La (Mandinka); HAITI: Mahi; BRAZIL: Afoxe (Bahia); JAPAN: Nanafushi (taiko drums); INDIA: Dhimiki.

Research exploring the link between music and intelligence suggests that music training is superior to computer instruction in dramatically enhancing children’s abstract reasoning, logic, problem-solving, reading, and self-esteem: all skills crucial to Mathematics, Science, and Language Arts! Additionally, we are fostering our students’ “Musical Intelligences” in accordance with Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences, promoting pride, accomplishment, and real-world educational problem-solving & products.

AbingdonWest African Rhythm Ensemble CD from AbingdonElementary on Vimeo.






1. www.dancedrummer.com

Click on “Traditional Rhythms” (see video of Atsia played)

Click on “ Virtual Drum Museum” to play each drum

using your computer mouse

     Click on “Drums”, Find the “EWE DRUMS”, Click on the Information about each drum

      A local store that sells African drums
            A wonderful resource for world drumming by Imani Gonzales (book/cd sets, and workshops)

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