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Friday, June 24, 2016

Math and Reading Clubs

Math and Reading SOL Clubs

Six teachers are leading after school Standards of Learning (SOL) review groups in either math or reading to help students feel confident about taking the SOL tests in May. In these groups, curricular content is presented in unique and engaging ways, with particular emphasis on the strands that are the most challenging for each specific group of students.

Instruction takes many forms,including the use of computers, picture books, manipulatives and othertools to teach mathematical and Literary concepts. Sessions are meant to support thedaily instruction in the classroom.

Spell Read

The after school reading club at Abingdon (Spell Read) is aresearch based reading program.  It useshigh-interest reading materials with small groups of students to focus onphonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, writing, and reading comprehension.  Spell Read is a program that has demonstrated success across the country withstudents. It is designed as a one year reading program.  The students in this club meet three days aweek after school and are required to meet certain criteria to insure theprogram will meet their needs.

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