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Monday, June 27, 2016

Naturalists Club



The Abingdon Outdoor Classroom is an incredible teaching tool utilized and maintained by our new Science Lab Teacher Matt Tosiello.  Students in all grade levels utilize the garden as a part of their science instruction.  The garden activities are also integrated into other subjects reinforcing socials studies, language arts, and math concepts.  All of the activities conducted in the Outdoor Classroom are based on Standards of Learning for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Over the past few years Abingdon's garden has donated hundreds of pounds of produce to AFAC (Arlington Food Assistance Center) teaching the students the importance of helping others who are less fortunate.

The Fairlington Community Association is very supportive of the Outdoor Classroom and donated the funds needed to build the fence around the garden.
Our PTA also is a tremendous support as they participate in "weeding evenings" with their families to help maintain the garden over the summer.  Parents are thrilled their children are getting the opportunity to learn about gardening, taste healthy foods they have helped to grow, learn about the interdependency of organisms in our ecosystem and the importance of conservation to help save the Earth.
Please come by and see our students actively engaged in true "hands-on" science as they learn while having fun in the Abingdon Outdoor Classroom.

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