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Choose Health Program

“Choose Health”
Yorktown High School

Substance Abuse Education/Prevention

 (Component of Yorktown’s SEL Program)
The educational program at Yorktown focuses on the development of the whole child by providing a first-rate academic education to each student, and by focusing on their social and emotional development also. Yorktown's school-wide social-emotional learning (SEL) program has been part of the school's mission for over ten years, and has continually evolved over that time.

One aspect of SEL at Yorktown is "Choose Health", a multi-faceted school and classroom initiative for students and parents, designed to help raise awareness and educate the community on the issues surrounding alcohol and drug use by adolescents.
“Project Success” Bulletin Boards for Education
And Catalyst for Coversation – Monthly Themes
Basic Drug/Alcohol Information
Health Curriculum
Specific units to include hands-on activities; guest speakers
Class Presentations
Spring Senior Assembly (1 or 2) 
Panel with medical personnel, addiction

specialist, person in recovery, etc – presentation

and questions/answers
School Participant, Above the Influence Campaign

(U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy)


Student Athletes/Activities:

Students Against Destructive
Decisions (SADD) – school sponsored
activity and events
Patriot Athletic Council –
Student-Athlete leaders involved in education
And assisting with team awareness
Coaches Leadership – conversations
with students/team at start of season led
by coaches and DSA
Fall Parent Meeting: What you need to
know about adolescents and alcohol/drugs
and where to go for help/resources 
Community of Concern: School member 
and parent resources will be distributed in the fall
PTA – Fall meeting Principal explains
Components of  “Choose Health” program;
invites parent participation in activities
Substance Abuse CounselorLaurel Cerrud
Nurse: Gigi Bates
Health Teachers
Substance Abuse CounselorLaurel Cerrud
Counseling (Peggy Brennan)
and  Assets Coordinator
Student Activities
Ass’t Director of Activities: Stephanie Meadows
Director of Activities: Michael Krulfeld
Director of Activities: Michael Krulfeld
Counseling (Peggy Brennan)
and READY coalition
Counseling (Peggy Brennan)
and Ass’t DSA

Principal and PTA President
Substance Abuse CounselorLaurel Cerrud









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