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Friday, July 31, 2015

Our Classrooms


Classroom 111 - Middle School Functional Life Skills
Teacher: Luanne Greco Snyder
Assistants: Betzabe Gutierrez, Bettina McPherson, and Linda Denney

Classroom 112 - High School Functional Life Skills
Teacher: Shawn Waddell
Assistants: Lucia Hernandez and Kim Zicafoose

Classroom 113 - High School Functional Life Skills
Teacher: Michelle Portrey
Assistants: Jeaneth Andreade, Marcus Barnes, Mai Bui, and Rosario Quinteros

Classroom 114 - High School Life Skills
Teacher: Nancy Williams
Assistants: Ana Reyes, Alex Mercado-Reza, and Julia DeLeon

Classroom 116 - Middle School Life Skills
Teacher: Natasha Prosise
Assistants: Jerry Merkel and Nicole Toffler

Classroom 124 - High School MIP-A
Teacher: Caitlin Davies
Assistants: Gloria Newlin, Penny Taylor, and Karen Miller

Classroom 125 - High School MIP-A
Teacher: Anne Vincent
Assistants: Isabel Castellanos, Beth Newlin, and Adrienne Day
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