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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Our Classrooms


Classroom 111 - Middle School
Teacher: Luanne Greco Snyder
Assistants: Betzabe Gutierrez, Bettina McPherson, and Linda Denney

Classroom 112 - Middle School Life Skills
Teacher: Shawn Waddell
Assistants: Lucia Hernandez and Kim Zicafoose

Classroom 113 - High School Life Skills
Teacher: Michelle Portrey
Assistants: Jeaneth Andreade, Marcus Barnes, Mai Bui, and Rosario Quinteros

Classroom 114 - High School Life Skills
Teacher: Nancy Williams
Assistants: Ana Reyes, Alex Mercado-Reza, and Julia DeLeon

Classroom 116 - Middle School Life Skills
Teacher: Natasha Prosise
Assistants: Jerry Merkel and Nicole Toffler

Classroom 124 - High School MIP-A
Teacher: Caitlin Davies
Assistants: Gloria Newlin, Penny Taylor, and Karen Miller

Classroom 125 - Middle School MIP-A
Teacher: Anne Vincent
Assistants: Isabel Castellanos, Beth Newlin, and Adrienne Day

Family and Consumer Science - Students learn in a classroom laboratory and on weekly community trips.
Teacher: Carol Show

Fine Arts- Students explore and experience a wide variety of musical, dramatic and visual arts.
Teacher: Dawn Kyser

Physical education at the Stratford Program emphasizes the importance of providing students with disabilities the same advantages as non-disability students. Activities are designed for students specifically with their disability in mind. Among the skills worked on are: movement, range of motion, fitness, ball skills, riding tricycles, outdoor walks, swimming, and indoor treadmills.
Teacher: Leah Jaremenko

Multisensory Room
This room is equipped with specialized sensory technology that will be used to assist students whose sensory needs are complex and cannot be met with equipment and materials available in their special education classroom.
Teacher: Sandra McGuinn and Amy Engel, Occupational Therapists

Teacher: Mona Mitry

Speech and Language
Teacher: Martha Battles

Library - Students are introduced to literature in all its forms. Stories are shared either by oral reading, video, computer programs, books on tape, etc. Each story presentation, in the various formats, are discussed fora wider range of student understanding and a better ability to relate.
Teacher: Caryn Hatley

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