4102 Vacation Lane
Arlington, VA 22207
Fax: 703-247-3162
Thursday, May 26, 2016

Room 116

Middle School Life Skills

Assistants: Betsy Gutierrez and Nicole Toffler
Phone number: 703-228-6453

Our overall goal is to increase each student's independence skills and quality of life. This goal is continuously implemented in our classroom, as well as in the various departments at Stratford. Students work on academic and vocational skills as well as in the following areas: Life Skills, including personal grooming, shopping, cleaning and cooking; Social Skills, including greetings, manners, table etiquette and socially acceptable self-expression; Leisure Skills including cultural events, community trips and Stratford-sponsored activities such as our annual talent show, Halloween, Winter and Valentine's parties, as well as prom and graduation.

All lessons and activities are planned by our classroom staff team (and students) and with input from Stratford's interdisciplinary team of therapists, and other teachers (art, music, adaptive physical education, home living and library). Communication between our students' families and Stratford teachers is a major component in meeting our overall goal of increased independence and developing and implementing each student's IEP goals.
Last Modified on August 29, 2015