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Arlington, VA 22207
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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Room 125

Room 125 - Middle School MIP-A

Room 125

Teacher: Annie Vincent
Michelle Portrey, Beth Newlin, and Isabel Castellanos
Phone number: 703-228-6438
Welcome to Room 125! We are the Middle School MIP-A Program. We have 5 amazing students and 3 terrific assistants, Beth, Michelle, and Isabel. We work hard on developing academics, life skills, and social skills through a variety of activities on a daily basis. We make a great team!

Recommended site for parents:

Speaking of Speech: It is a great resource for communication and speech and language materials that are free and downloadable in Adobe. 

T/TAC Online: This website offers lots of information for parents on events, resources, training, books and information on specific disabilities. 

Arlington Special Education PTA developed to address the needs of parents of children with special needs.

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