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Multisensory Room

Multisensory Room at the Stratford Program

Multisensory roomIn December 2005, the Stratford Program opened a Multisensory Room for student use. It is a room equipped with specialized sensory technology that will be used to assist students, under staff supervision, whose sensory needs are complex and cannot be met with equipment and materials available in their special education classroom.

The room assists students in their readiness to learn and promotes development of their self regulation skills. Depending on each individual student's needs, the equipment in the room can promote calmness and relaxation or increased alertness.

Equipment in the room includes a leaf chair (a suspended swing that a person lays down in), an oversized bean bag, a vibrating pad, a bubble column ( a column of water and air bubbles that can change colors with student input), a texture wall, fiber optic "tails", a weighted blanket, a vibrating "snake", environmental sound CDs with cd player, and a variety of lighting options from holiday lights to black lights.

Marbea T. Tammaro, OTR/L

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