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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fifth Grade Team

Welcome to Fifth Grade!

5.1 patrols bulletin board

The following information overviews our curriculum and events throughout the year.

Students will be using Time For Kids, a news magazine made by Time magazine, for current events, reading, and journal assignments. Students will also take part in the Geography Bee about midway through the year.

Field Trips: The Outdoor Lab overnight is scheduled for early October. Two visits to the Planetarium are scheduled for late spring. There will also be a trip during February sponsored by Art Ace that correlates to Social Studies content.

Homework is assigned everyday. Nine late assignments, or three missing assignments in a quarter equals a “U” under work behavior on the report card. This does not allow for Honor Roll to be achieved.

Please monitor your child’s homework, but do not do your child’s work.

Friday Folders need to be reviewed each weekend. Any papers below a 70 need to be signed by a parent and returned to the teacher. Parents sign the signature sheet located on the inside of the folder and the student returns the folder to class the following Monday. Any papers with a grade of C or higher may be kept at home.

Children should bring a healthy snack to school since we have a late lunch. No candy, please.

Mid-quarter reports are sent home for any student with a C or below in any subject and must be signed by a parent and returned.

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