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Educational Technology

"[We] are—first and foremost—teachers, required to be licensed in Virginia as content area teachers with at least three years of experience. The first word—instructional—is the second most important part of the title; this separates [us] from information technology and technical support positions. The technology resource portion of the title indicates the job’s focus: [We] are intended to be teachers of teachers, providers of technology professional development, and supporters of instruction."
- Instructional Technology Resource Teacher
Guidelines for Teachers and Administrators 
Virginia Department of Education 

Meet the Instructional Technology Coordinator (ITC)

Instructional Technology Coordinator
Keith David Reeves is an educator, writer, speaker, and musician. He is the author of Insurrection: A Teacher Revolution in Defense of Children and is co-author of Paperless Research Writing: Effective Digital Scaffolding for Academic Writing using the Moulen-Reeves Model.
A native of Syracuse, New York, he has taught every grade level, K through 12, in underprivileged and affluent schools in both rural and urban settings, and has taught educational methods at the university level. He was a middle school and high school band director prior to joining the Yorktown faculty.
As an educational technologist, he is the coauthor of the Moulen-Reeves Paperless Research Paper Model and has a passion for authentic assessment, gamification, and virtual environments. Mr. Reeves was the first Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer in Virginia, and currently serves as a Director At-Large and Secretary for the Virginia Society for Technology in Education. He was also one of the co-inventors of a comprehensive all-device-and-platform educational technology evaluation rubric that formed the basis of EdTechReview.com.
Excerpted from www.KDReeves.com.

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Educational Technology at Yorktown

Dear Friends,
I’m Mr. Reeves, and I’m the Instructional Technology Coordinator, or “ITC” at Yorktown. I was a music teacher for most of my career, and became an educational technologist because I love the art and science of learning and teaching and am fascinated that each individual student learns in an entirely unique way. I want to help as many kids and teachers as I can!
Educational Technology ("EdTech") is about learning first and foremost. It is a field of teaching, research, professional development, and leadership that seeks to enhance teaching and learning using any available technology. 
Educational Technologists are educators, usually with strong backgrounds as classroom teachers, and who work as professional developers in schools, providing resources, support, collaborative teaching, and direct support to students to help them learn, experience, and create. My chief responsibility at our school is to help students and teachers use all of the resources at our disposal - especially digital technology - to enhance learning and teaching.
I also have the administrative responsibilities of managing our school-based technology resources, and liaising between the Department of Information Services and Yorktown High School. It's my pleasure to be a support to your learning, and I'm happy to answer any questions I can.
This is an exciting and challenging time in Arlington, as we update systems and expand our cadre of resources, including the county-wide Personalized Digital Learning initiative. I encourage you, whenever you have technology-related questions, to visit this site and read the information I post thoroughly. I will try to keep the information on this site as current as possible, including giving you clear directions on how to get to the right support people when you need help.
As a teacher, I am dedicated to the success, authenticity, and growth of every student at Yorktown. I'm very happy to help however and whenever I can.
Mr. Reeves
Instructional Technology Coordinator


Who To Call

For all IT (Information Technology) concerns, submit a Help Desk request ticket (click here to do so), call the Help Desk at extension 2847, or email 2847@apsva.us. This includes:

  • All Computer Issues
  • All Error Messages 
  • Hardware
  • Network
  • Printers
  • Passwords
  • SmartBoard Issues
  • Software
  • Projector Issues
  • Television Issues
For all Ed Tech (Educational Technology) issues, as well as technology administration issues, call Mr. Reeves at extension 5393, or email him at keith.reeves@apsva.us. These include:
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Assessment
  • Budget and Purchasing (Yorktown Technology)
  • Collaborative Teaching 
  • Identifying Learning Resources
  • Inventory Issues (Yorktown Technology)
  • Lesson Design
  • Portfolio Design
  • Social Media Issues
  • Using Google Apps for Education
  • Using Web-Based Teaching Tools
For all problems related to the Synergy student information system, first contact TSS (Technology Support Specialists) at 6304 or training.services@apsva.us.

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