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Instructional Technology


Who to Call

Technology is everywhere at Yorktown. It's part of nearly everything we do, and as such, there are a lot of people with a lot of jobs that involve technology. In order to know who to call, it helps to know which person has which job.
Each school in Arlington has an ITC, or "Instructional Technology Coordinator." This person is responsible for ensuring that students and teachers can learn and teach with technology, and also coordinates resources to make sure the school runs well. The ITC is not a "computer person," but a teacher by nature and often a certified school administrator. Scroll down to learn more about Yorktown's ITC!
The ITC coordinates many IT ("information technology") resources, and as such, you will likely get to know several people that are "computer people," with tremendous expertise and skill with software, hardware, and networks.
Here are some of the members of the team: 
Title  ITC TSS  Help Desk Technician Analyst
of Instruc. Tech.
of Service Support
a.k.a. The Teaching Person The Gradebook Person The Help Desk The IT Person The Engineering Person The Head Teaching Person The Head IT Person The Chief Technology Officer
Role Designs lessons and administers teaching with technology at Yorktown Teaches users how to use grading and other systems
Receives and routes information about needed help
Fixes and maintains hardware, software, and the network
Develops and runs technology systems based at the Ed Center Manages instructional resources that involve technology, like BlackBoard Manages administrative resources that involve technology, like the network Manages the Information Services Division of APS
Name Keith Reeves Bob Weaver
T. Anderson
David Schloe Peter Chi Pat Teske Terance Proctor Raj Adusumilli
Extension 5393 6304 2847 7238 2494 5752 6029 6142
All technology concerns, you are always welcome to contact and/or CC the ITC. However, if you'd like to address concerns most directly, here's a brief overview of who to contact: 
For all questions, concerns, or ideas regarding teaching practices and methods, pedagogy, curriculum, lesson design, or anything else related how to use technology to help kids learn more effectively, first contact the ITC (Instructional Technology Coordinator) at 5393 or keith.reeves@apsva.us.
For password problems, if you are a student, please mouse over the Technology tab and click Student Accounts. 
For all problems related to hardware, software, and the network, first contact the Help Desk at 2847 or servicesupportcenter@apsva.us. Specifically describe the problem, give the room number, and include any steps you've already taken to resolve the issue, including if you've spoken to the ITC. Calling the Help Desk is sometimes called "putting in a HEAT ticket" or "opening a ticket."
For all problems related to the Synergy student information system, first contact TSS (Technology Support Specialists) at 6304 or training.services@apsva.us.


Message from the Instructional Technology Coordinator

It is my privilege to serve as the Instructional Technology Coordinator at Yorktown. As ITC, I am responsible for providing leadership, modeling, collaboration, resources, and professional development to directly support progressive pedagogy, design, and instructional practices to enhance student achievement.
I started my career as a high school band director. Music education is naturally skills-based and performance-assessed, and my love of collaboration and pursuing the cutting edge led me to dedicate my career to helping every teacher be as effective as they can be, and ultimately to help every child thrive. I try to walk the walk when it comes to respect, rigor, relevance, reflection, and relationships... and my door is always open.
My office provides a wide variety of services and resources to meaningfully integrate innovative and effective methods and tools into classroom instruction. Please do not hesitate to stop by; my office is Room 286, on the second floor on the east side of the Atrium. Any idea or lesson or design, from spark of idea to robust curriculum, is a welcome vehicle for discussion and collaboration!
Keith David Reeves, M.Ed.
Senior Instructional Technology Coordinator


About the ITC

KDR Keith David Reeves has taught every grade K through 12, was a successful middle and high school band director, and now serves as the Coordinator of Instructional Technology at Yorktown High School in Arlington, Virginia. From 2006 until 2011 he served as the Instructional Technologist at Battlefield High School in Haymarket, Virginia, overseeing significant expansion and enhancement of teaching with technology. He has led by example in public schools and collaborated with other professional teachers to implement reflective, data-supported, progressive instructional practices within technology-integrative, student-centered classrooms designed for skill mastery, comprehension, and relevance.
Mr. Reeves holds diplomas from Ithaca College, George Mason University, and the University of Mary Washington, with additional postgraduate studies at University of Phoenix and Troy State University, and served as an adjunct professor at George Washington University. He is a Discovery Education STAR Educator, a SMART Exemplary Educator, and has been a member of the Pi Lambda Theta and Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Societies in Education. Mr. Reeves has been an active member of the International Society for Technology in Education, the Virginia Society for Technology in Education (for which he sits on the Board of Directors), and the National Association of Secondary School Principals. He holds certifications in music education and administration in both Virginia and Maryland, and was the first Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer in the Commonwealth. Mr. Reeves has been featured in print and broadcast media and delivered addresses at the local, regional, and national levels, including as guest commentator on National Public Radio and a panelist for the Huffington Post.
Currently, he is authoring his first book on public education policy.
Excerpted from www.KDReeves.com.

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