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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Welcome to Claremont's Morning News! 


Each day the students on the morning news broadcast information to the school. Each day the broadcast begins at 8:00 and ends at 8:05 am. The daily announcements include:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Weather
  • Lunch
  • Birthday announcements
  • Special calendar events


We also have special announcements made by other members of the Claremont community that occur on a weekly basis:
  • Monday: (English) Pre K-16 initiative – Identified staff members on a rotating basis will create their own excitement about “the love of reading” and “climbing to the top” Pre-16 dream for students.
  • Tuesday: (Spanish) Cultural Awareness
  • Wednesday: (English) Geography Genie
  • Thursday: (Spanish) Don Pepito 
  • Friday: (Spanish an/or English) Kudos


In addition to these weekly announcements we also accommodate for announcements for special events and activities throughout the year. If you would like to present information for upcoming events or activities on the morning news, we ask that it be:
  • Student centered.
  • Create excitement.
  • Timely (no more than 1 minute).
  • Confirmed and requested 2 weeks in advance.
Last Modified on January 21, 2016