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Athletic Eligibility

Athletic Eligibility

Athletes must adhere to the eligibility requirements established by the Virginia High School League. Additionally, Wakefield requires student-athletes to maintain a 2.0 GPA (eligibility policy approved by the Arlington School Board).


1.      A student must have passed a least FIVE (5)-credit subjects the immediately preceding year or semester.

2.    A student must currently be a full time student, enrolled in at least FIVE (5) credit courses.

3.     The student-athlete must have a completed Athletic Participation/Parental Consent/Physical Examination form (2 pages), signed by a parent/guardian, student and physician.

4.    A physical is required annually May 1st through June 30 for the following year. All physicals should be turned in to the athletic trainer (Becky Kigin) in room 23. All physicals must be completed on the new VHSL Physical Form. The student activities office cannot accept sports Physicals completed on any other form.

5.     The student-athlete must not have reached his/her nineteenth birthday on or before the first day of August of the current school year.

6.     No student-athlete is eligible if she/he has attended more than EIGHT (8) consecutive semesters in high school.

7.     Transfer student-athletes must see Noel Deskins or Robert Strauss.

8.     Providing (any) false information on the physical form could result in ineligibility of up to one year.


1.    Wakefield High School will require all student athletes to have a 2.0 GPA and a 2.0 each semester thereafter.

2. All student-athletes are monitored at interim and at grade report time. A student will be placed in study hall if they are deficient in any class.

3.   Final eligibility clearance will be granted by the Director of Student Activities (Noel Deskins) in accordance with the VHSL rules and Wakefield requirements.

4. Medical Insurance is mandatory.

5.   Team equipment and uniforms are distributed to student athletes once they have made a team. All school issued equipment will be collected at the conclusion of each sport season. Students are expected to pay for all equipment, uniforms, and other school issued items if not returned.


1.    Students will submit a written request for an appeal to Ms. Deskins.

2. Ms. Deskins will schedule a meeting with student and their Assistant Principal.

3.   Grade history will be reviewed and in some cases, the students’ behavior record.

4. If an appeal is granted, the student will automatically be placed in study hall. The student will be on an academic contract, which will need signatures from the parents and student in order for final approval to participate in sports. A student who is placed on an academic contract for athletics could also include mandatory attendance at Saturday Academy.

5.   Appeals that are denied are not counted as their one time appeal.

6.   Appeals are granted on a one-time basis.

·        Transfer students – All transfer students must meet the Wakefield requirements. Transfer students who do not have a cumulative 2.0 may make a one-time appeal.

 Athletic Tryout Schedule

Fall Season - (Aug-Nov)

Try-outs begin 8/4/14

Winter Season - (Nov-Feb)

Try-outs begin on 11/10/14

Spring Season - (Feb-May)

Try-outs begin on 2/23/14




Cross Country



Field Hockey







Indoor Track







Outdoor Track

·        OTHER VHSL ACTIVITIES: One Act Play or Theatre Festival, Scholastic Bowl Team, & Forensics

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