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Monday, May 30, 2016

Art, Music, and Physical Education

Welcome to Ashlawn Specials
4th and 5th grade Instrumental (Band and Orchestra) Information Night is Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015 at 7 pm in the Ashlawn Multipurpose Room.  Children and families are encouraged to attend. Only 4th and 5th grade students take Instrumental Music.
The Ashlawn Art, Music, and Physical Education team would like to welcome you to Ashlawn Elementary School.  The teachers on the Special Areas team are Ms Argueta, Ms Leon, Mr Mastaler, Ms Gomez, Ms Judgersuren, Ms Hannan, and Ms Colosimo, and Ms Schultz.
Leslie Argueta
Katherine Leon 
 Music - Instrumental
Kristin Gomez
Liz Schultz 
Music - Vocal
 Bolormaa Jugdersuren
Elizabeth Colosimo
Meg Hannan 
Physical Education
Paul Pavelich
Jason Mastaler
If you have a student at Ashlawn, you can see more about what is happening in our classrooms on the password protected space on Blackboard.  To log-in to Blackboard click on the Bb logo top right corner of this page.
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