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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Technology Integration and Coaching

Technology Integration
Ms. Jaeckel - michelle.jaeckel@apsva.us


Abingdon currently has TWO full computer labs, THREE mini-labs, TWO 1:1 iPad classrooms, and FOUR mobile labs.  Technology is integrated throughout the curriculum in a "real world" way.  Students are often challenged with tasks that mimic the business world.  They not only use the technology to search and sort information for understanding, but also to create and communicate meaning by "smashing" many different apps or technologies to create dynamic products.


Tech Coaching Program


The Tech Coaching Program at Abingdon Elementary School employs a 1:1 coaching model. The Tech Coach meets with each teacher enrolled in the program to plan SMART goals, specific goals with measurable results, related to technology integration. 

Together, they plan a lesson that meets those goals, ensuring that the lesson allows students to meet objectives in technology as well as the content area.  Supported by training and in-class assistance provided by the tech coach, the classroom teacher implements the lesson.
They document their work, evaluate the effectiveness of the technology to accomplish the content objectives, and reflect on the process in order to inform their instruction of future lessons.  

Here are a few of the projects that have been done at Abingdon through the Tech Coaching Program. 
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