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ATS Math Program

ATS Math Program

Math Coach - Bonnie Krajeski
Math Lead Teacher - Donald Martin
The focus in Mathematics instruction is for students to construct an understanding of mathematics that they can communicate and connect to the world around them. Instructional emphasis is on developing conceptual understanding, computational and procedural fluency, and problem solving skills. We use best practices and hands-on, discovery based learning experiences to guide student learning and mathematical understanding from concrete to symbolic to abstract. All students leave each grade with a conceptual understanding of basic operations and are able to relate this understanding to the expected grade level algorithms.

Teachers use the Virginia State Standards and Arlington Public Schools curriculum framework and adopted curriculum materials to plan and guide all instruction. Sixty to seventy-five minutes of mathematics instruction is required each school day, including 10-15 minutes of daily calendar math to further reinforce and support development of number sense and algebraic reasoning. 

All students in grades 2 through 5 participate in the Continental Mathematics League challenges and all students in grades 4 and 5 participate in the Virginia Mathematics League challenge. Fifth grade students also participate in an annual countywide Math Dice competition. Parent and family participation in and support of mathematics are encouraged through annual Parent Math Information Night and Math Day.

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