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Carlin Springs Elementary School: Introduction

Introduction to Carlin Springs Counseling
The school counseling program at Carlin Springs is based on three basic foundations including the Arlington Public Schools District beliefs and philosophy, a counseling mission statement and a privacy/confidentiality statement.
Beliefs and Philosophy
Arlington Public School’s Counseling Program

The counselors in the Arlington Public Schools district believe:

  • All students have dignity and worth;
  • All students have the right to participate in the school counseling program;
  • All students’ ethnic, cultural, racial, sexual differences and special needs are considered in planning and implementing the school counseling program;
  • All students K-12 shall have access to a full-time, state-certified, master’s-degree-level school counselor to deliver the counseling program.

And that the APS comprehensive school counseling program should:

  • Be based on specified goals and developmental student competencies for all students K-12;
  • Be planned and coordinated by school counselor(s) in collaboration with other stakeholders (school staff, parent or guardian and community representatives);
  • Utilize the many combined resources of the community to deliver programs;
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to monitor students’ results;
  • Use data to drive program development and evaluation.

And that all counselors in the APS school district:

  • Abide by the professional school counseling ethics as advocated by the American School Counselor Association;
  • Participate in professional development activities essential to maintain a quality school counseling program.
Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate our children to become caring, responsible individuals who are literate,informed, and productive members of the community by facilitating the academic, career and personal/social growth of all learners through the collaboration of staff, parents, students and community partnerships. 

World of Difference  

Privacy and confidentiality are essential to having an effective school counseling program. Carlin Springs recognizes the importance of good communication and good working relationships between students, parents, and the school. Therefore, every effort will be made to protect student and parent privacy rights except under certain limited conditions. These conditions generally included safety issues (harm to self and/others), legal issues, and professional responsibilities (see the ASCA Ethical Standards for School Counselors at www.schoolcounselor.org).

Working Together  

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