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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

3rd Grade



Carlin Springs Elementary School: 3rd Grade



Welcome to 3rd Grade!

April 22, 2015

Third grade Rocks the Red! Let's Go CAPS!!!
April 1, 2015


Spring is here and the end of the year is coming fast! We have accomplished a lot, but there is still more to do! Here are some important dates for the month of April:


April 9-10      3rd Quarter Reading Assessment

April 15-16    3rd Quarter Math Assessment


April 21          Walking Field Trip to Reevesland

April 22          Early Release Wednesday

April 23          Report Cards Go Home

April 24          Career Day and STAR Student Assembly

April 29          SOL Information Night

April 30          Spring Picture Day


Click here for the full newsletter (note: the date of the SOL Information Night is Wednesday, April 29).

Monday            Centimeters, Meters, Kilometers
Tuesday           Cups, Pints, Quarts, Gallons
Wednesday      Inches and Feet
Thursday          Temperature
Friday               Combinations
March 1, 2015
Well, March is here and spring is getting closer. What do you think the probability is that we will have any more snow days? Likely? Unlikely? Certain? Impossible? In any case, here are some important dates to keep in mind for March:
March 4              -  STAR Student Assembly!!!
March 5-6           -  Parent/Teacher Conferences
March 11             -  Early Release Day
March 25             -  Science and Math Night
March 27-April 6  -  Spring Break!
The March Newsletter is now available. Thanks Ms. Neary!
Here are your current math links:
Monday            Plane Shapes
Tuesday           Points, Lines, Segments and Rays
Wednesday      Solid Shapes
Thursday          Calendar and Dates
Friday               Time to the Minute
February 1, 2015
Hello from the third grade team! Hope your 2015 is off to a great start. It's hard to believe, but we are over half way through the year. Here are a couple of important dates in February:
February 6      -  2nd Quarter Report Cards Go Home!
February 11    -  Early Release Day
February 16    -  Presidents' Day, No School 
Be sure to check the February Newsletter for updates about what your child is doing this quarter in class.
Here are your current math links:
Monday            Centimeters, Meters, Kilometers
Tuesday           Area
Wednesday      Perimeter
Thursday          Temperature
Friday               Congruent Shapes
December 1, 2014
Happy holidays! That's right, it's December already. The seasons keep changing, days continue to get shorter and snow is on the way! With Winter Break approaching, it will be a short month here at school. Let's make it count!
Be sure to check the December Newsletter for important news and dates.
Here are your current math links:
Monday            Video
Tuesday           Video
Wednesday      Video
Thursday          Video
Friday               Video  Game
*UPDATE: You're interested in some more fun winter links? Okay, we've all seen ice, but have you HEARD ice? Seriously, you can actually HEAR ice! But how do you MAKE ice?
November 4, 2014
Ever wonder how November got its name? Are you wondering now? Well, November was the 9th month of the Roman calendar. Its name comes from the Latin word novem, which means, 9 (Latin was the language of ancient Rome). We get A LOT of our words from Latin; and not just in English! It's just one of the many contributions of those clever Romans.
Here's your November Newsletter (courtesy of Ms. Neary) and here are a few important dates that are coming up:
November 10 - Outdoor Lab Field Trip (Guyton/Mowery/Neary/Bruch)
November 11 - No School, Veteran's Day
November 12 - Outdoor Lab Field Trip (Landay/Perry/Hunter/Bowers)
November 19 - Report Cards go home!
November 26-30 - No School, Thanksgiving Break 
Here are the updated Math Links:
Monday         Video
Tuesday        Video 
Wednesday   Video 
Thursday       Video 
Friday            Video and Game 

October 1, 2014
You may have noticed your shadow getting longer. Autumn is officially here and the school year is in full swing. Life is good in third grade! Here is the October Newsletter.  
October is a busy month at Carlin Springs. Please mark your calendars with the following important dates:
October 9 & 10 - Parent/Teacher Conferences
October 13        - Columbus Day NO SCHOOL 
October 17        - Picture Day
October 22        - Early Release 
October 23        - Walking Field Trip to Glencarlyn Library
October 25        - 2014 CARLIN SPRINGS FALL FESTIVAL! 
October 29        - Literacy Night 
Everyone is encouraged to come to the Fall Festival on Saturday, October 25 from 11am-2:00pm. It's the biggest fund raiser of the year and we could use everyone's help! If you would like to volunteer please email Mrs. Cooper or if you would like to bake or buy a cake for the Cake Walk, please email Mr. Guyton
Here are the updated math links:

Monday Video & Game

Tuesday Video & Game

Wednesday Video & Game

Thursday Video Game

Friday Video & Game

September 2, 2014
We are off to a great start in third grade! On our page you will find some important updates:
Here is our September Newsletter. Each month we plan to update you about what is happening in third grade through the monthly newsletter. 
Mrs. Hunter is getting a beginning English Class for adults off the ground. Read more about it here.
We would also like to make everyone aware of the wonderful resources available to you at the Parent Resource Center (PRC).
And finally, here are a few math links for the kids...and adults. 

Monday Video & Game

Tuesday Video & Game

Wednesday Video & Game

Thursday Video & Game

Friday Video & Game

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