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Monday, July 27, 2015

First Grade

first grade
 Greg D’Addario, Teacher
Van Order
Elisabeth Van Order, Teacher
Anne Malleck, Teacher
Janet Dorn, Assistant
 Anne Zuidema, Teacher

Welcome to First Grade!

Math Objectives

1st Quarter

Unit 1 – Early Number Activities

·              Find partners/addends of numbers

·              Draw 1 through 10 objects

·              Show numbers using five-groups/groups of five

·              Identify and continue patterns

Commonly Used Words: Break-Aparts, Number Partners/Addends, Zero, One, Two, Pair, Shapes, Total, Pattern, Total, Plus Sign, Equation, Pentagon, Five-Groups, Groups of Five, Stair Steps, Triangle, Rectangle, Circle, Oval, Square, Ordinal Numbers (1st through 5th), Equal Shares, Equal Partners, Doubles, Odd, Even, More, Less, Switch Partners/Addends


Unit 2 - Operations and Simple Equations

·              Represent and solve addition and subtraction picture problems

·              Write and solve addition and subtraction equations (horizontal and vertical)

·              Solve problems with money

Commonly Used Words: Sum, Addend, Total, Equation, More Than, Less Than, Counting On, Equals, Number Sentence, Above, Below, Up, Down, Greater, Pattern, Nickel, Penny, Cent, Solve, Minus, Fewer, Add, Subtract, Story Problem

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