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Students in Mr. Paparella's Social Studies classes created tableaus about the causes of the Great Depression.  Each group was assigned one of three causes ((Stock Market-Risky Investments, Federal Reserve-Failure to Act, and High Tariffs)to the Great Depression and then asked to create a tableau illustrating three pieces of text about their assigned cause.   Pictures of the student tableaus along with the text they recited are listed below.
 Kennedy Center CETA arts coach, Sean Layne, helped guide the students and teacher Mr. Paparella in some of this work. 

Stock Market 1

Many people borrowed more money then they had, hoping to make a profit when they bought stock to invest in a company.

Stock Market 2

If the company's stock sold at a higher price, investors have made a profit; if stock sold at a lower price, investors have lost money.

Stock Market 3

In 1929, too many investors sold too much stock too fast, causing the stocks to lose 90% of their value--people lost money!

A tariff is a tax on goods that are sold in America, but made in another country--that money goes to the government.

High Tariffs

High tariff rates raised the prices on foreign goods, causing Americans to buy American made goods instead.High Tariffs 2

The high US tariffs backfired because foreign countries made their own high tariffs and refused to buy American goods, making American poorer.

High Tariffs 3

Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve is America's bank, lending money to our neighborhood banks, keeping our economy stable.

Federal Reserve 2

If people fear that their banks will close, they might "run" to the bank to take out all of their money before it is too late, causing their banks to close anyway.

Federal Reserve 3

The Federal Reserve did not prevent small banks from closing because they didn't lend them money.

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