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Wednesday, June 29, 2016


  • 7th Grade Coffee House-Explorers

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    7th Grade Coffee House Podcast
    The 7th Grade hosted a coffee house in February.  During the coffee house students recited poetry written by Langston Hughes.  This podcast hi-lights some of the performances given by 7th grade Explorer students.
    "Motto" performed by Nia, Erica and Odali
    The Blues
    "The Blues" performed by PJ, Michelle and Zach 
    Parisian Beggar Woman
    "Parisian Beggar Woman" performed by Sussan, Natalie, Leslie, Ingrid
     The Weary Blues
    "The Weary Blues" performed by Graham and Alex D.
    The Jester
    "The Jester" performed by Jack, Spencer and Sunny
     Madame and the Rent Man
    "Madame and the Rent Man" performed by Janelle, Sarah, Laura
    Mexican Market Woman
    "Mexican Market Woman" performed by Miguel and Angelo
     "I Dream a World" performed by Quimari, Alex, Juan and Vaughndel
    "The Kids in School" performed by Faith, Jamie, Kate
    Negro speaks of River  "The Negro Speaks of River" performed by Anna, Sophia, Caroline
    In Time of Silver Rain  "In Time of Silver Rain" performed by Josh, Jake, Jeremiah, Alex, Matt
     Bad Morning/Baby
    "Bad Morning and Baby" performed by Zoe, Ally and Abby
    The Negro  "The Negro" performed by Orlando, Connor, Julian
     Death of an Old Seaman
    "Death of an Old Seaman" performed by Hector and Matthew
    Kids in School  "The Kids in School" performed by Cinthia, Selam, Karla
     Me and My Song
    "Me and My Song" performed by Jalen, Mari, Zeru and Cindy
    Madame's Past  "Madame's Past History" performed by Nicholas, Alice, Michelle and Casey
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