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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Jefferson Garden

Welcome to the Jefferson Community Garden!

BREAKING NEWS: The Jefferson Garden will continue to thrive while repairs are made to the TJ Theater! JOIN US in the garden over the summer - LOTS of delicious vegetables and fruits are growing!  Details below...

Donations from our Garden to the
Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC):
**Over 900 pounds of fresh vegetables**

Did you know students and families both earn community and service hours when working IN and FOR the garden??  JOIN US over the summer to help :
  • Every Tuesday: 7p-dusk
  • Every Thursday: 7p-dusk
  • Saturdays and Sundays will typically alternate each week along with hours for both days and will be posted here
  • Every Tuesday:  7p-dusk
  • Every Thursday:  7p-dusk
  • Saturday, August 2:  10-11:30a
  • Sunday, August 10:  5-7p
  • Saturday, August 16:  10-11:30a
  • Sunday, August 24:  5-7p
  • Saturday, August 30:  10-11:30a

We're growing tomatoes, okra, peppers, lettuces, pumpkins, strawberries, blackberries, corn, green beans, radishes, peanuts, rosemary, thyme, and onions - come check out the summer crops! Remember, you're always invited to taste/take something home in return for your help - YUM!  Students and families can get a head start on their community and service hours!

Our summer produce helps Arlington families through donations to the Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC) - come help make a difference!

Have ideas or want to get involved? We want to hear from you! Contact, Marney Michalowski, PTA Garden Committee Chair, mdhmich@gmail.com.

Nancy Striniste designed a beautiful and vibrant plan inspired from input by our students, faculty, staff and community.  This big-picture, long-term vision features outdoor classrooms, picnic tables, oven, international gardens, amphitheater, fruit trees, pond, rainwater harvesting/exchange systems, accessible raised beds, earth loom, high tunnel, enchanting entrances...lots of potential for enhancing student learning and activity, extending our growing season and fostering community in our garden.  The plan is on display in the sitting area in the office.  Check it out here, too!  You can also view Nancy's presentation, including photos that bring the design elements alive!  Stay tuned to provide input on which features you would like to see built in the short-term, mid-term and long-term...and if you would like to help make it happen, contact Marney Michalowski, PTA Garden Committee Chair, mdhmich@gmail.com.  

                      There is SO much potential to enhance and feed our young people and our community
                                      ademically, physically, socially and emotionally - be a part of it!  Read more.


Patty/John Adair, Kassahun Benti, Hillary Berlin, Meryl Corshen, Julie Dickson, Susan DuBois, Laura Estrada, Jill Flack, Melissa Hinkson, Grainne Humphries, Margaret McGilvray/Dan Redmond, Suzanne Mendez, Marney/Mark Michalowski, Betsy/Greg Morse, Betsy Robinson, Susan Schlimme, Jennifer Schoen, Nakeesha Seneb, Susan Spranger, Cemma Tatem, Liz Tefera, Shahira Tewfik, Patricia VandeMeulebroecke, Cristina Zarate-Byers/Bob Byers, Mariia Zimmerman
If you would like to help make a difference IN and OUT of the garden (LOTS of different opportunities!), please join us! 

Contact Marney Michalowski, PTA Garden Committee Chair,
For more information about the PTA Garden Committee check out the link at the top of this page (upper left).