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Healthy Kids/Healthy Planet

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 Healthy Kids/Healthy Planet (HK/HP) is a PTA committee at Ashlawn Elementary School in Arlington, VA, that seeks to ensure, through a variety of ways, that children's health and wellness is a central focus of the school day. (It was formerly known as CHAWK.)  In our work, we draw heavily from research, which shows that healthy children are better learners, score higher marks on tests, exhibit fewer behavioral problems in the classroom, and are, in general, more relaxed.

Our regular, recurring HKHP Events:
  • Fresh Fruit Fridays: Students are encouraged to bring a fruit for snack every Friday ... indeed, every day!
  • Walk and Bike to School Day
  • HK/HPboard: The HK/HPboard contains ideas and research on the links between learning and healthy eating, physical fitness and wellness. Displays change every 4-8 weeks. The HK/HPboard is located on the hallway leading from the lobby to the attendance office.
APS Wellness Policy:  HK/HP promotes the implementation of the county's student wellness policy.  This policy includes a recess policy, which stipulates the amount of recess (Ashlawn students are supposed to receive 24 minutes a day); encourages active, outdoor recess throughout the year; and discourages the withholding of recess as punishment.  The policy also promotes alternatives to food as a reward at school.

Stay tuned for more information and updates about HK/HP.

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