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School Data

        The SOLs are one meaure of achievement and instruction in a school.  There are many other measures, which may tell a more
        complete story.   
Site Based Survey:
   This survey is completed every two years by students, parents and staff at each school.  Campbell staf reports a high degree of job satisfaction.  Students report strong relationships with staff.  Cultural competence is a strength for Campbell as well.  You can see the data online at :
CLASS Observation Data:
   In 2011, Campbell participated in a study with UVA.  The CLASS observation tool was used to measure a variety of instructional features in classrooms (stuent engagement, concept development, instructional support, etc.) Campbell was on par with other APS elementary schools, and exceeded the averag score in concept development. 
PALS data:
   PALS is a reading screening that measures letter/sound correspondance, rhyming, high frequency word recognition, and reading comprehension in higher grades.  In 2013, 92% of Campbell K students met the benchmark for fall PALS. 93% of 1st graders passed PALS and 90% of second graders passed PALS. These scores are comparable with other APS schools.           
Implementation Review (EL)
   Each year, Campbell staff responds to a self-assessment survey to measure our progress in implementing Expeditionary Learning core practices.   
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