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Sunday, October 04, 2015

Henry's Golden Apple

Henry's Teachers & Staff Recognized 2010-11 School Year with a GOLDEN APPLE!
September 2010: Ms. Susan Service, Reading Specialist
October 2010:  Ms. Stacy Klein, Kindergarten Teacher
November 2010:  Ms. Wendy Ellison, Kindergarten Teacher
December 2010:  Ms. Jenn Mercado, Kindergarten Assistant
January 2011:  Mr. Albert Lewis, 4th Grade Teacher
February 2011:  Mr. Marshall Cunningham, Head Custodian
March 2011:  Ms. Tammy John, 4th Grade Teacher
April 2011:  Ms. Cameron Snyder, 4th Grade Teacher
May 2011:  Mrs. Mercedes Dean, 3rd Grade Teacher
June 2011:  Ms. Alyssa D'Amore, 2nd Grade Teacher
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