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Monday, August 03, 2015

Kindergarten Rocks!

Welcome to Kindergarten

The Kindergarten team would like to welcome you to Jamestown Elementary School.  
Each child enters kindergarten as a unique, impressionable individual with a thirst to learn about everything in their world and beyond,  while also eager to share their own experiences and wisdom. 
       We Believe:
         *All children have the ability to learn.
         *Children learn through play and exploration.
         *Children possess multiple intelligences, and therefore exhibit diverse learning styles.
         *Implementing various teaching strategies benefits the whole child, teaching to the physical, social-emotional, and intellectual domains of learning development.
         *In a safe and caring classroom environment to invite trust and respect along with social and academic risk taking.
         *In the Responsive Classroom Approach.  Children accept responsibility and logical consequences for their behaviors.
         *Kindergarten to be enjoyable, fun, and very exciting.
*Age Appropriate learning themes: All About Me; Families and Friends; Seasons; The 5 Senses; Communities; My World; Thanksgiving Day; Veterans Day; Famous Americans; Martin Luther King Jr. Day; President's Day; 100 Days of School; Celebrations Around The World, Space; Animals (coverings and habitats); Oceans; Insects and Gardens; Memorial Day; Flag Day
*Field trips culminating our thematic units: Washington DC Monuments; Arlington Planetarium; Smithsonian Discovery Theater; Air and Space Museum; Washington National Zoo;
*School based extra-curricula activities: Long Branch animals visit; Reptile Guy visits; Wild Bird Man- (Owl/Hawk).
*Hands on learning activities to enhance our curriculum:  Plant Emperor Tulips-(follow their growth through journals); Tadpoles from Gulf Nature Center--observe the development from tadpole---frog; Caterpillars to Butterflies; School Green Team-Adopt a Tree to help preserve our school's communities' natural resources.
Our Kindergarten children build literacy a very special way through the creating of their own "All About Me Book" which depicts special learning moments throughout kindergarten, shared on "Success Night" for parents and friends.  We all write a poem for the Jamestown Poetry Journal. 
*Community Activities:  We participate in many fundraisers such as Pennies for Patients, Cereal Drive, Walk for the Homeless; "Adopt a Tree"
*Showtime!: All the kindergarten classes come together to celebrate their year in school with fun.  End of the year kindergarten school performance.  A special theme is chosen and each class sings a song and does a short dance/skit.  The entire kindergarten ensemble performs many group songs for the school and a special time for just their families.  We have a special Rising First Grade Celebration in June for the parents and students.
Learning is an active process and Kindergarten students are eager, fast paced little individuals who make way for constant spontaneity. Flexibility for these momentous teachable moments is key. Our best shared strategy is: A sense of humor!!

Looking for a homework assignment, online textbook or library database? Please login to BlackBoard with the student's ID number and password.


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