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Virginia Readers' Choice
Key is an active participant in the statewide Virginia Readers’ Choice program (formerly Virginia Young Readers). This is an eight-month literature appreciation project to acquaint young readers with outstanding contemporary authors and books. Students in schools from all regions of Virginia cast their votes for their favorite books.

The reading lists for School Year 2011-2012 are:

Primary School Level (K-3)

A Isn't For Fox:  An Isn't Alphabet   - Ulmer, Wendy
Big Elephant in the Room - Smith, Lane
Harry and Horsie - Van Camp, Katie
How Rocket Learned to Read - Hills, Tad
Machines Go To Work  - Low, William
Odd Egg - Gravett, Emily
Otis - Long, Loren
Testing the Ice:  A True Story about Jackie Robinson - Robinson, Sharon
We Are in A Book!  - Willems, Mo
What Pet to Get?  -  Dodd, Emma

ELEMENTARY  (Grades 3-5)

All the Lovely Bad Ones  - Hahn, Mary Downing
Annie Glover Is Not a Tree Lover - Beard, Darleen Bailey
Captain Nobody - Pitchford, Dean
Colonial Voices:  Hear Them Speak - Winters, Kay
Dog Days of Charlotte Hayes - Kennedy, Marlane
Drita My Homegirl - Lombard, Jenny
11 Birthdays - Mass, Wendy
How Oliver Olson Changed the World  - Mills, Claudia
100-Year-Old Secret  - Barrett, Tracy
Wild Girl - Giff, Patricia Reilly


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