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APS and the Environment

Middle School Site Energy Intensity and Energy Report Cards

Arlington Public Schools has five middle schools two of which are joint facilities shared with the county. Our joint use facilities, Gunston and Jefferson, are extensively used by the community and operate 7 days a week to host theater groups at both centers and community users for the gymnasium at Thomas Jefferson Community Center. Our middle schools are also used extensively by students, staff and our community. Many of these schools host special events outside of normal school operating hours. These schools operate at least 12 hours a day and often on Saturdays and Sundays to host events such as theater troupes, musical performances, sporting events, summer school and camps.

The chart below shows the site energy intensity for the past three fiscal years. Site energy intensity is defined as the amount of energy used at a site to include electricity and natural gas consumption divided by the gross square footage of a facility. More information on site versus source energy may be found here.
Electricity and natural gas usage is converted into a common measurable unit called a BTU (British Thermal Unit) to determine a facility's overall energy usage.  This overall consumption is then divided into the gross square footage to determine a site's energy intensity or energy use index (EUI).  The chart below shows the average site energy intensity for the past three fiscal years.  Our measurements are calculated in kBtu or thousands of BTU.  Below the chart, each school's energy report card can be found by clicking on an individual school's link.


Energy Report Cards

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