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Transportation Procedures
Arlington Public Schools is required to provide transportation help for students experiencing homelessness in order that they are able, if they choose to remain in their school of origin.  Transportation is arranged through the homeless liaison's office staff.  Transportation options may include school bus, taxi cab and/or public transportation.  Once transportation is arranged (usually 3-5 working days) the parent/guardian is notified.  A signed release form is required in order to provide taxi cab and/or public transportation.  Rules and regulations are provided to the parent/guardian at the time transportation is arranged.  The school social worker at your child's school will contact the homeless liaison in order to set up transportation.
Susan Miller, Homeless Liaison
Arlington Public Schools
Department of Student Services &
Special Education
Phone:  703-228-6060
Fax:  703-228-6298
Last Modified on July 15, 2014