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School Board Meeting Agendas, Videos and Minutes

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School Board Meeting Schedule, Agendas, Videos and Minutes

Meeting Agendas and Minutes are posted by date on the pages below. Agendas and background information for Board meetings can be viewed on BoardDocs, once on BoardDocs enter you search criteria into the search box. BoardDocs is an Internet based service; browsers supported are FireFox version 3 or higher; Safari version 3 or higher; Internet Explorer 7 or higher. JavaScript must be enabled for BoardDocs to function.

New:  Quick View Search by Title & Date. You can do a basic search, watch or download any part of a meeting from August 11, 2011 to most current meeting all within a single page.

Select a Specific School Year To Receive e-mail notification when the newest School Board Agendas become available, Click here.

Archived meetings are indicated by the word "Archive" in the "Video" column of any schedule. You may request that a particular meeting be temporarily restored by sending an email to Larry Robertson.

Podcast Subscription

• To subscribe to the Podcast, search the iTunes Store for Arlington Public Schools and click on the A .
• You can download iTunes at  Download iTunes .
• Due to limits allowed by iTunes, the Podcast only includes the 301 most recent video clips.

Streaming & Progressive Download
• School Board Meeting video clips for meetings after 8/10/2012 are streaming videos.
• All meetings between 8/11/2011 and 7/2/2012 are progressive download streams and require the Adobe Flash Player, download it here Flash .
• All meetings prior to 8/11/2011 are not streaming videos. When you play these videos you will have to wait for the player to download the video completely before playing begins.