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Counseling / Consejeros

Group Counseling

Students who share a common concern often find it helpful to meet and share ideas and gather support in a group setting.  Groups are comprised of two or more students and meet once a week; most likely during their lunch and/or recess time as to not conflict with instructional time.  Groups can focus on such topics as anger management, changing families, military/deployment concerns, self-esteem, social skill building, friendship, anxiety, or school success. The counselors collaborate with the school psychologist in the development of certain groups for support, as well as facilitate groups together.  Students are referred by their parents, teachers and the Intervention Assistance Team.  In order to participate, students must have a signed permission form from their parent or guardian.  If you would like your student to participate in group counseling please contact Srta. Escalante.
The counselors also hold daily lunch bunches for all grades.  Students are able to sign them selves up and invite up to four of their friends from the same grade.  This is done to help build relationships between the counselors and students, develop peer relationships, as well to assist students in any small social problems that they may be having and would like to discuss and solve with their friends.

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