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Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Nottingham Knight Writer Exemplary Project


The end of the year is a time for the nostalgia of looking back and the excitement of looking forward. Mrs. Hemstreet’s Hippos enjoyed writing a KINDERGARTEN MEMORY BOOK in which they wrote about their favorite kindergarten activities. Some students wrote about P.E. Others wrote about Fantastic Fridays and Zero the Hero. They dedicated their book to all of their little brothers and sisters who haven’t been to kindergarten yet.
 Hippos cover Hippos sample page
Mr. Galloway’s Bunny Bunch wrote FROM LITTLE TO BIG in which they compared their current selves to the babies they once were. After describing how they once slept in cribs and crawled, the Bunny Bunch celebrated abilities like tying shoes, riding bikes, and learning the alphabet.
 Bunnies book cover  Bunnies sample page
Ms. Biechman’s Sea Turtles were also proud to share their skills. They created a HOW-TO BOOK in which they detailed the steps for taking care of pets, riding scooters, flying kites, and a variety of other activities. Each child chose a topic they felt they understood well enough to explain to others and enjoyed the opportunity to show off what they knew.
 Sea Turtles book cover  Sea Turtles sample page
Mrs. Toner’s Pooh Bears celebrated the arrival of spring by writing poems and producing the 2011 POOH BEAR SPRING POETRY BOOK. The Pooh Bears did their best to make words come alive by using their five senses to describe real animals and plants. They illustrated their poems with technology by choosing a font for the lettering and creating pictures on the computer.
 Pooh Bears book cover  Pooh Bears sample page
Mrs. Cooper’s Koalas are wild about wheels. Their FUN WITH WHEELS book talked about all the different ways they used wheels in their lives. Students wrote about riding to the swimming pool, learning to ride bikes without training wheels, and riding on trains. Some even imagined driving a trash truck or a fighter jet.
 Koala book cover  Koala sample page
The publication of FUN WITH WHEELS, 2011 POOH BEAR SPRING POETRY BOOK, THE SEA TURTLE’S HOW-TO BOOK, FROM BIG TO LITTLE, and THE KINDERGARTEN MEMORY BOOK is part of Nottingham’s Exemplary Writing project. Through the Knight Writer project, students write for an authentic purpose, and experience the pleasure of seeing their own words and art in published form. The Nottingham PTA provides the funds for the printing of these magazines, which are produced by grade level and made available online at the Nottingham Elementary School website. Many thanks to the Nottingham PTA!
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