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Library Resources

Library Policies


Visiting the Library

All classes come to the library weekly for a scheduled checkout time, or class and checkout combined.

Checking out books

Students are encouraged to check out books and share them at home, to promote a love of reading. They are expected to take care of the books and use them gently and respectfully so all resources continue to be available for everyone. The Drew library collection belongs to everyone at Drew Model School. No fines are charged for overdue books. However, if a book is damaged or lost a fee is charged to cover its replacement. 
  • PreK & K---------1 book for 1 week
  • 1st grade---------2 books for two weeks
  • 2nd grade--------2 books for two weeks
  • 3rd grade--------3 books for two weeks
  • 4th grade--------3 books for two weeks
  • 5th grade--------3 books for two weeks
  • Students may check out additional books for classroom research as needed.
  • As students show responsibility and return books promptly, they may be able to check out additional books for personal reading.
  • If students have an overdue, they cannot check out additional books until the overdue is returned or a lost book is paid for.

Taking care of books 

Our younger students are encouraged to take home one library book a week. In the back of each book is the student's library card. This card should stay in the book and be returned on the assigned library day. Each student may check out up to 2 items for a 2 week time period.