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SOL Information

Courses with End-of-Year SOL Tests

The English 11 Writing SOL will be given March 9-26, 2015

Use the following link to access the Writing EOC Multiple Choice Practice Items  
Use the following link to access the Direct Writing portion of the Writing SOL. Released writing prompts that will be used for the Spring 2013 Online SOL can be found on this page 
SOL Resources
All students scheduled to take SOLs this Spring are required to see the new version of the SOL prior to testing.  Below are the following links:

Practice Items – this link takes you to the page with practice items for all of the SOL subjects as well as Grade 8 Reading and Math.  SOLs will no longer be only multiple choice.  Please make sure all of your students are familiar with the new way to answer SOL test questions.  Just click on the SOL practice item of your choice.  When you get in, it looks just like the actual New SOL test.  This can be done on any computer at Wakefield or at home.


Released Tests – this link takes you to the page with the latest released SOL tests previously taken by students.  The answers are included.



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