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The Nottingham Knight Writer Exemplary Project

Think hard!


Nottingham Knights in the second grade have been discussing creative ideas and thinking hard. The result is a magazine full of original stories describing real and imagined adventures. Check out the creative writing in the 2010-2011 Second Grade Nottingham Knight Writer! Ms. Langford’s Leap Frogs will make you laugh with their amazing journeys of favorite stuffed animals, inspired by The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo.

Front cover of the 2010-11 Second Grade Knight Writer
Langford Divider Page

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Julia's Christmas EveBlue Bunny's Freaky AdventureFloppy's First Road and Tin-Tin's Adventure Story

Ms. DeAtley’s Dynamos will delight you with intriguing spin offs of The Nutcracker and stories about a magical snow globe.

DeAtley Divider PageThe NutcrackerThe NutcrackerThe Magical Snow GlobeThe Snow Globe Space Adventure


Mr. Flood’s Falcons wrote fabulous stories about haunted houses, naughty puppies, dinosaurs, and visiting the beach.

Flood Divider PageThe Haunted HouseThree Little Morkie PuppiesPrehistoric AnimalsThe Big One

Mr. Katoen’s Tigers wrote terrific narratives from personal experiences and spine-tingling adventure stories.

Katoen Divider PageAlaska and When I Moved to VirginiaWhen I Moved From Australia and Secret Agent Penguin The Planet Zot and The Ginormous Tornado

And Ms. Schaefer’s Scholars used sensational descriptive language in stories about personal experiences, imagined villains, panda bears, singing chickens, and angry foxes.

Schaefer Divider PageClaire's and Horse Back RidingMean Miss CrookslandThe Great Pandas' Christmas and QuackAn Angel and How the Stars Got in the Sky

2010-11 Second Grade Back Cover

Each second grader chose one favorite piece from his or her writing notebook, polished it for the Knight Writer by conferencing with peers and teachers to contribute to the 2010-2011 Second Grade Knight Writer. The Knight Writer is the product of Nottingham’s Exemplary Project, supported by Arlington County Public Schools and the Nottingham PTA.

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