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 2012-2013 RIF Dates

RIF Supports Community Service - Jan 23-25, 2013 - ¡Viva Verde - Live Green!

In January, we highlighted experiences that parents and staff have had doing volunteer work related to the environment. This is part of our ongoing support of community service projects to coincide with the Martin Luther King Jr. National Day of Service every January. Volunteers reading to students or sharing their experiences included:
  • Joan Kelsch - Recycled materials to use in your home and ways to save energy
  • Elenor Hodges, ACE - Recycled materials to use in your home and ways to save energy; ways to volunteer in Arlington to save the environment
  • Diana Garmus - Planting trees in your neighborhood
  • Mary Van Dyke - Volunteering in schools and gardens
  • Louise Ott & Christine Friedel - Volunteering with Arlington Nature Center education programs
  • Luz Chamorro - 4 Mile Run Stream Clean Up;  Invasive Plant Pulls & Gunston Adopts a Street!
  • Miriam Gennari - Environmental activism - no more styrofoam!

Spring, Bunnies, Gardens & Carrots -  April 17-19, 2013

Nigel In April, in anticipation of Earth Day, we celebrated spring and gardening at Gunston. Many of the books we found to read had the recurrent theme of rabbits invading gardens, so we thought it would be a great idea to invite a bunny to RIF. Thanks to Beth Decker, Librarian and Richard Roberts, Library Administrative Assistant at Campbell Elementary school who generously shared with us Nigel, the Campbell Library dwarf rabbit. He was a big hit! Students enjoyed meeting him and listening to spring related stories and poetry. Students had the opportunity to write the name of the RIF book they selected on a carrot and to add that to a bulletin board with Nigel prominently featured.
 NIgel bulletin board
Readers included Gunston parents Joan Kelsch, Angela McNamara and Lou Ott as well as Gunston staff members Elizabeth Burgos, Marlene Cordero, Normandie Lee, Barry Leoppold, Val Lewis, Dee MacElwain, Dr. Monica Roaché, Elena Rodriguez, Danielle Schwartz, Laura Weil and Principal Lori Wiggins.
Thanks to the students who came to setup for RIF in both January and April - they did a great job getting the library ready - we couldn't have done it without them! All students who helped set up received an extra RIF book for their support.
Maggie C., Lindsay E., Lee F., Apple G.-S., Amanda H., Luci H.,
Antonia K., Alena M., Sabbah M., Jorge O., Lucy R.,
Katherine R., Sarah R.-H., Lily S.-M., and Pablo W.

Here are some details about our RIF program:

  • Two times during the school year, we have a distribution of free paperback books to Gunston students. Students have a full period to browse and select from the books on display. Students pick books on their own, with no "directing" by staff, as the emphasis is truly on reading for its own sake. This year, Gunston received RIF funding for all 6th grade students as well as all 7th & 8th grade HILT and special education students.
  • RIF requires that we do additional activities for reading motivation. These include readers, competitions, drawing for prizes, and theme related activities.
  • Books Elena Rodriguez selects from a wide range of books, including some lower reading level books for our HILT and special education students. A limited number of titles are available in Spanish.

  • We ordered enough books to ensure that every participating student receives three books.

  • RIF of Northern Virginia provides the primary funding for RIF for Gunston. The school matches this funding an additional 25%. PTA funding pays for some of these costs.
  • Support RIF by volunteering during our RIF distributions or by donating to RIF of NOVA through the United Way Campaign (8959) or the Combined Federal Campaign (18818). Your support of RIF of NOVA promotes literacy and offers children a chance for a brighter future.
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Gunston was given this beautiful award by RIF of Northern Virginia on
May 23, 2002 because of our strong start in the RIF program
during the 2001-2002 year -
Thanks to Mrs. Gloria Johnson, Arlington Area Chair,
who selected us for this honor!
RIF Award

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