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The Knowledge Masters Open is a challenging academic competition in which teams of students compete -- nationally and internationally – right in their own schools! The KMO began in 1983 with 72 schools; now  over 3,000 schools compete annually from the U.S. and several foreign countries.

How the Contest Works
Teams in the Knowledge Master Open answer timed multiple-choice contest questions, 200 for 7-8th grade and 100 for 6th grade. Like a trivia contest, questions are from many curricula areas and current events. Students compete via a CD provided by the sponsors, Academic Hallmarks, and use a computer here at our own school. The contest occurs twice a year for both the 7-8 and the 6th grade teams. The dates for the 2007-2008 KMO contests are:

  • 5th & 6th Grade -- January 23 and March 19, 2008
  • Middle, Junior, High School -- December 5, 2007 and April 23, 2008

Each school year, our club mascot, the Great Auk, invites students to join our team.


Sample question: Tribes along the southeastern coast of North America cultivated what plant which was of no use at all for food or clothing?

HINT: Go to the KMO website to find the answer.

Last Modified on July 19, 2012