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EBCE: Experience-Based Career Ed.

EBCE: Experience Based Career Education
Grades 12+
Full-year, all day; 6-8 credits

Prerequisite(s):  The referral process begins with the transition coordinators at the comprehensive high schools.  Besides having a current Individual Education Program (IEP), EBCE students must be finishing the last one or two years of their high school education.  Successful EBCE candidates are those who need and want a bridge to work and adult services before exiting high school.  They understand the benefit of unpaid work in the community and can function independently at career exploration sites. They are capable of taking public transportation independently after minimal training and responsible in following individualized schedules.  .

EBCE provides  a combination of academic instruction in the classroom and unpaid career exploration at internships in the community.  A typical student's schedule includes two full days of academic classes at the Career Center and three four - hour days at an internship.  Most students will explore two or three different careers during the school year. Students earn academic credits required for a high school diploma or certificate, as well as elective credits for work experience and career exploration.  Most students are also enrolled in a Career Center CTE class in an area of interest.  Experience Based Career Education is an ideal program for young people committed to the idea of learning through experience. 
Contact Information:

Brian Stapleton
Career Center Special Needs Coordinator

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