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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

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List of Software for Windows 7 PCs

On Friday, the network analyst who is developing the applications for Windows 7 sent a status update to ITCs describing the new image and development status of requested software applications.
This list will show you the applications that are planned for Windows 7 PCs.  Some software we have used in the past will no longer be available.  Titles were eliminated if they do not work on Windows 7, and an upgrade was either not available or too costly. Other software, if it works with Windows 7, will have to be installed as a local app on each computer at a later time.  
If you do not see a program listed, it is not being developed.  You may need to find an alternative program.  Let me know if you use something that is not on this list.  I have already asked about Microsoft Publisher but have not received an answer. 
BASE Applications: (Applications on all PCs)
Windows 7 Professional
Microsoft Office 2010 (Admin) –or- Microsoft Office 2003 w/Outlook 2010 (Instruction)
Microsoft Office Compatibility Converters (for Office 2003 images) - This will allow instruction to open files created by admin on 2010.
Mozilla Firefox
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Quicktime Player & Plug-in
Adobe Flash & Shockwave plug-ins
Java JRE plug-in
Microsoft Silverlight
CutePDF Writer
Adobe Air plug-in
Kaspersky Anti-Virus
BASE+ Additional Applications for Admin:
Camtasia Studio
Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional (Adobe recommends v9 or higher!) 
BASE+ Additional Applications for Instruction:
Irfanview with plug-ins
Google Earth
Google Chrome
Open Office
ePat suite
Keyboards for French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, and Japanese
ExamView %
TestNav % 
Windows Live Essentials (Movie & Photo only)
Easy Grade Pro %
SMART Notebook *%
SMART Response
Adobe CS5 * (for all HS users)
Geometer’s Sketchpad *
LoggerPro *%
MathType *%
Mavis Beacon *%
Group Specific for Instruction:
Sibelius *
Attainment *%
Boardmaker *
Scholastic Suite (August 23rd Scholastic will upgrade us to web-based) *
Reading Interventions - Read Naturally %
Reading Interventions - My Reading Coach
Woodcock Johnson
Some applications are not ready
APS is beginning the upgrade to Window 7 this week, even though not all applications are ready at this time. We do not know how these programs will be deployed when they are ready. Any application marked with a * or % is not yet ready.
* indicates an upgrade purchase was made July 1, but the network analyst has not received the software or the license
% indicates an application that requires access to a mapped drive to the APPDATA-like folder, a shared folder, or will possibly require an upgraded software package.