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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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EGP Web Gradebook Available

Check your Email on Monday

EGP All teachers will receive an email Monday, September 12 with instructions about how to set up your new gradebook for 2011-12.  The email will have an individualized activation code for each teacher that you will need to set up your grade book on every computer you plan to use.  
All teachers will be required to use the web gradebook this year.  No gradebooks from other locations, i.e. EGP on your computer, will be backed up or exported.

Training on Thursday

Monday's email will also include links to training materials that many of you will find is all you need.  (The web gradebook is very similar to EGP you've used in the past.)
Bea and Nora will be at H-B in the Middle Earth Lab all day on Thursday, September 15 to provide training and answer questions.  Bring your laptop if you have one, and bring the email with the activation code.  Plan to come at the beginning of the block so you don't miss initial information.  They will be here during Town Meeting if you don't have a planning period on Thursday.

Viewing Gradebooks from Past Years 

EGP v 3.6 was installed on all teacher Windows 7 computers this past week.  This is so you can review old gradebooks. We do not have a version of EGP for the MAC at the current time.  Check with another teacher or see Teri if you have a Mac and need to view a former gradebook.
You may see instructions in the Edline training materials for the new EGP Web, describing how to view past grade books.  However, this functionality requires a newer version of EGP than we used last year.