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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

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Action Item: Enroll Frank and resource teachers in your Blackboard courses

Blackboard Enroll Frank and staff members in your Blackboard course
Frank and several teachers have asked that teachers enroll them in their Blackboard courses so they can see your syllabus and homework when they work with your students.
Student enrollments are synchronized with eSchool, so you will need to add staff members as a Teaching Assistant so they can see your information, but not be deleted during the next synchronization. 
1.  Log into Blackboard and go to your course
2.  Go to the Control Panel - Users and Groups - select Users Select Users
3.  Select Find Users to Enroll Find Users to Enroll
4.  Click Browse Broswe  
5.  Type part of the user's name in the text box, select Gosearch
6.  Find the name you want and check the box, then submitfind user
7.  Change the role to Teaching Assistant*, then submit Teacher Assistant
Repeat for additional staff members
* Because course enrollment syncs with eSchool, you must enroll additional people as a Teaching Assistant.  Anyone enrolled with the role of student or Instructor will be deleted the next time it syncs with eSchool. 


To see a list of all users in your course, type % in the text box  
list all users  
To change a student's password or update their email, select the option arrows next to the user name options  
This will give you options to change the user's password, role in your course, or delete the user (not students).
Select Edit if you want to update their email.