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Monday, May 30, 2016

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ExamView, Office for Macs, Software installs, etc.

Platform Changes


ExamView, Adobe Creative Suite 5 (Photoshop, Acrobat, both needed before we can install scanner drivers,) Siebelius and other instructional software applications are still in development.  These will be installed automatically, or available for install once they have been developed.  Thank you for your patience, I know these are applications you need for teaching and testing.
Please ignore all messages asking you to install or upgrade software at this time.  In most cases necessary updates will be pushed down from the network servers to your computers.  Larger installations require a wired connection.  Make sure you have a NIC cable and connect it when you are in your classroom.
Microsoft Office for teachers with Macs - Please see me if you have a personal copy of Microsoft Office or desperately need it.
Staff and student accounts have been created.  Students will have shortcuts to their network file space and WebDAV (Blackboard) file space within a few days.  The new wireless is available for all.
Printers - Network services is finishing the install of all network printers.  A number of our classroom printers were not available on the network. If you have a classroom printer, make sure it is connected to the network drop in your room and powered on.  A solution for Macs unable to print is available.  See my post on printers for more information.
You can read the complete project update from September 12. This includes all software under development.  You need to log into APS Google to read this.