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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

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iPad: Open pdfs in iBooks

Do you find yourself reading a lot of pdf documents?  Email attachments, manuals, school documents, textbooks?  I hate reading them on a computer, but I love reading them on an iPad.
Open pdfs in iBooks!Open in iBooks

Open the file from your email or internet on your iPad, then go to the top right corner and select "open in iBooks". 
I open all pdfs from email or websites that I might want to reference later in iBooks.  I keep all my tech manuals there, too.  You can even create collections to keep your pdf documents organized.
Once in iBooks, select the icon next to the Library button bookmark button  in the upper left hand corner.  This will show you thumbnail images of all pages.  
Now look at the upper right corner.
bookmark icons
  • The icon with the four boxes will show page images.  
  • The middle icon with the three lines will show bookmarks that were embedded in the original pdf.
  • The third icon will show you a list of bookmarks you created in the pdf.
Select a page or click the Resume button on the left to continue reading.
Grab an iPad and try it!
Here's a link to the H-B Woodlawn Handbook.  I added bookmarks to the pdf, so you'll get to see what they look like. 
Want to create a pdf?
Almost all computers can create a pdf from any document you can print.  Here's how to do it on a Mac, or on a Windows PC computer.   Now you can keep all those important files with you for quick reference.