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Thursday, December 18, 2014

3rd Grade

Great beginnings

Posted by Connie Quinzio at 9/21/2011 4:00:00 PM

It's hard to believe that we have been in school for over two weeks already. Students are getting used to third grade routines and the schedule. Thank you for sending in all needed paper work. I appreciate your efforts.
Social Studies: Our unit on government began with reasons for rules and laws, and the ideas of citizenship. We then went on to study the beginnings of our country and Constitution. We know that there are three branches of our National Government and the jobs of each branch.  There is a test on Friday Sept. 23. I demonstrated how to study for a test in class. So please have your child study at home.
Math: We are reviewing basic facts. Please continue to practice at home. Also, we are learning strategies for solving word problems.  
Reading: We read several books and learned strategies such as previewing the text using titles, heading and pictures. These strategies will help us improve our understanding. We also concentrated on several robust vocabulary words such as: murmur, assembly and squirmed. We are learning to select just right books and read those books for periods of time.
Writing: We started out using new vocabulary to describe ourselves and our feelings in I Am Poems. Please read them in the third grade hall.
I look forward to meeting you at Back to School Night and Parent Teacher Conferences.
BTSN Sept 21
School Safety Assembly Sept. 28
Garden Work Day Sept. 30 
Parent Teacher Conferences Oct. 6 and 7