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Saturday, December 20, 2014

3rd Grade

working Through October

Posted by Connie Quinzio at 10/14/2011

Science -Our unit on animal and plant adaptations is progressing. We know vocabulary concepts such as instinct and learned behavior. Also, we found how our Spanish class can help us learn the meaning words such as aquatic and terrestrial. Ask you child about them. Next week, we will start projects on specific biomes and present them for others to learn. 
Math-We continue to work on math fluency in both addition and subtraction.  We learned how to ungroup when subtracting three digit numbers.  It has been a challenge but now we are understanding the concept.
Reading- We practiced asking and recording questions both in fiction and non-fiction stories and articles. We know that proficient readers ask questions before, during and after reading. Our National Geographic magazines provide us with excellent reading material.
Writing- We began our unit on descriptive writing. We created a list of sensory words to help us. We are also working on using capitals for proper nouns.
Dates to remember:
Early Release Wednesday October 19
Field Trip October 20
UN Assembly October 21