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Friday, July 25, 2014

1st Grade

Update October 7th

Posted by Ashley Smith at 10/7/2011 12:00:00 PM

Happy October!

It was so great meeting all of you at parent/teacher conferences. I loved learning more about each of your students in order to help them be successful this year.


Science: We have begun studying biomes, adaptations, and animals. Students are enjoying visiting centers to learn more about these topics through videos and books. So far we have studied hibernation, migration, camouflage, and mimicry. We have also been reading for meaning in our science textbook and taking notes to help us remember the important information. Ask your student about these concepts!


Math: We have discovered strategies for addition of three digit numbers. We used proof drawings to show our thinking and understanding. Next, we will move into subtraction. Please review basic subtraction facts with your students. We will work on proof drawings to show our thinking and understanding, borrowing, subtraction across zeros, and subtracting money.


Reading: Students have been previewing both fiction and nonfiction texts before reading. They have also been making predictions about what they think will happen in the story. They learned that sometimes our predictions are not always correct and we may need to change them. We have been continuing to practicing our reading responses, and are enjoying reading National Geographic and Time for Kids magazines.


Writing: We have just finished learning about the parts of a letter and our letter writing unit. Students saw examples of letters and wrote them to Mrs. Greene and myself about things they were excited for this year. We will move into descriptive writing next. Students will use their five senses to describe places, people, animals, objects, or situations. We will also learn what makes a good topic sentence for a paragraph and be reminded to start sentences with capitals and end with a punctuation mark. Students also identified what a contraction is and some commonly used contractions.


Upcoming Events:

  • Wildlife Refuge Field Trip to Patuxent – Oct. 20th
  • Picture Day – Oct. 25th
  • Halloween Parade – Oct. 31st at 1:30pm